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Saidpur Village: A Quaint Oasis

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Islamabad has the honor of being the second most beautiful capital in the world. It possesses many magnificent places and one such place has been gaining recognition from quite some time now; Saidpur Village, positioned on the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, is among the oldest villages in Pakistan. With a history spanning over five centuries.

Saidpur Village is renowned for its cultural heritage, historical significance, and captivating folklore. Nestled on the gentle slopes of the Margalla Hills, the village offers a picturesque sight during the serene moments of morning and evening.

restaurant Saidpur village

It boasts several renowned dining establishments, including Des Pardes, The Polo Lounge, Cafe99, and Tirah Restaurant. Additionally, visitors can explore a charming museum adorned with photographs and various artifacts depicting Saidpur's history and culture.

Funky Restaurants

Following the village's public opening, a multitude of upscale cafes and restaurants emerged, providing an array of traditional and ethnic cuisines to both local and international visitors. Nestled within one of Islamabad's most picturesque tourist destinations, these dining establishments allowed patrons to indulge in diverse culinary experiences.

Des Perdes Saidpur village

Art Galleries

In addition to their preservation endeavors for the historic Hindu temple, the CDA constructed a compact museum and an art gallery in Saidpur. The display showcases a range of historical information and events, featuring captivating black and white photographs capturing the early days of the capital city's establishment.

Mandir Saidpur village

Souvenir and Antique Shops

Ranging from vintage jewelry and pottery made of clay to exquisite brass artifacts and silverware. If you're seeking exceptional and imaginative souvenirs, this location should be your destination of choice. Additionally, you have the opportunity to embark on a trek up a cobblestone path leading to a Sufi shrine situated atop a modest hill.

Water turbine photoshoot Saidpur village

Perfect Photoshoot Spots

The village's captivating floral displays, vibrant architecture, and stunning scenery combine harmoniously, rendering it an ideal destination for a picturesque photo shoot. Epic spots for aesthetically pleasing bridal shoots or birthdays can easily be found at Saidpur.

Art gallery Saidpur village

Picnic Spots

Saidpur Village's location renders it a perfect destination for picnics among Islamabad's inhabitants. With beautiful spots to sit and dwell in with friends and family.

Saidpur village night view

It remains abuzz with passionate visitors throughout the fiery sunsets and dusky afternoons. And becomes more charismatic at night with fairy lights setting up a dreamy ambience for everyone to dwell in. If you're looking to have a calm day or a place to hang with your friends and do something different, Saidpur is the place for you.

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