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Feeding Into Imagination: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Once upon a time, in a world of technology one teacher stood out. In 1968, Ivan Sutherland, with the help of his students, decided to embark on a journey to the future. They created what we know as the head-mounted display system for immersive use. But they didn’t know their idea would blow up and change the way everyone views reality. This.. this is what we call modern day Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality is defined differently by many, but mainly it’s an art of deception to trick the human mind into believing something that isn’t really there, is well, in fact there.

Virtual Reality

The brain thinks of endless possibilities and many “what if” questions daily, it’s only fair to dive into those ideas and see what it could be like. Jurassic Park was loved by all when it first came out, and gave rise to questions like what would have the world been like with dinosaurs roaming between us. Or in video games, we see players jumping through dimensions, it’s only natural to want to feel it ourselves.

With science and art on our side, Virtual Reality experiences have become easier to be a part of. You can go to the nearest gaming area and fight virtual battles, take on challenges or even be part of a world unknown. But how do you know which type of Virtual Reality experience is fit for you? Well, here’s the answer to that.

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality If you’re one to stay aware of your physical environment, this is the perfect experience for you. This is where games generated on a screen come into the conversation. These heavily rely on a system that includes a screen, mouse and keyboard or controllers. Video games are the perfect example.

Virtual Reality

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality If you want the best of both worlds, to be part of the virtual world but still keep your physical world in bounds, this is your type. These experiences bring realism into the picture and set the environment to match the theme of the virtual world.

Virtual Reality

Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality If you want to completely forget reality and be part of another world, fully-immersive is the one for you. With head mount displays and virtual goggles, they teleport you directly to a new world for you to explore. This is where creativity really impresses you.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology keeps evolving, and so do the experiences. From teleporting into an ancient kingdom to being part of a futuristic city, the possibilities of virtual experiences are never-ending. Why stay in one world, when you can jump through many.

P.S. If you like any of the experiences mentioned above, or better-yet all of them, we have news for you! 633 Wonder World is bringing you experiences like no other in Pakistan’s first indoor amusement mall. Stay tuned, stay excited. I know I am.

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