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Exploring the Unique Ramzan Culture of Islamabad

Ramzan is a month of great significance in Pakistan, observed with utmost respect, solemnity, and obedience. It is a time for Muslims to abstain from food and drink from dawn until sunset. However, fasting during Ramzan is not viewed as a punishment but rather as an opportunity to purify one’s mind, spirit, and body.

Every household in Pakistan has its unique way of celebrating Ramzan, with its own traditions and set of rules. However, in Islamabad, there is a whole different vibe during Ramzan. People prefer to stay up until Sehri, the pre-dawn meal, with their friends and family. This is mainly because people in Islamabad prefer to stay indoors during the fasting hours and spend time with their loved ones.

Post Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast, is a time when the city of Islamabad comes alive. People are out celebrating friendships, praying at their favorite mosques and trying out new restaurants for Iftar with friends and family. It is a time to take in the simple yet glorious delights of the holy month.

Cruising late at night is a popular activity in Islamabad, and during Ramzan, it takes on a whole new level of excitement. People drive around the city, enjoying the cool breeze and soaking in the ambiance of the holy month. The streets of Islamabad are filled with lights, decorations, and people enjoying the festivities late until it is time for sehri again.

During Ramzan, all the restaurants in Islamabad offer Iftar and Sehri deals for groups. This is a time when people come together and share the spirit of the holy month with others. Additionally, Islamabad is known for its generosity during Ramzan. In every corner, you can see people giving away free food, and donations are at their peak during this month.

As the end of Ramzan approaches, every mall and markaz in Islamabad is full of people preparing for Eid, the festival of breaking the fast. People buy new clothes, decorate their homes, and prepare delicious meals to celebrate the end of the holy month. The entire city in the last ten days of Ramzan is decorated and one can see stalls everywhere.

Ramzan is a month of great significance in Pakistan, and in Islamabad, it is a time of great celebration and community. From staying up until Sehri with friends to enjoying the festivities of the holy month, Ramzan in Islamabad is a unique experience that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime.

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