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Europe’s Leading Educational Theme Parks Around the World

When preparing for a trip, one of the most anticipated aspects is the entertainment options. This is one of the reasons why going to an educational park is usually at the top of the list of things to do. It doesn't matter if you are an adult, a teenager, or a kid; these amusement parks let you relive your favorite moments from your childhood and have fun once again.

Some of the top educational amusement parks in the world provide the perfect balance of fun, entertainment, and the thrills of the adventure that everyone craves on vacation, by offering visitors access to nature, wildlife, water sports, shopping, and much more.

All the amusement parks promise an adrenaline rush but not many have the ability to provide educational value. Are you searching for the leading educational theme parks in Europe? 633 Wonder World has created a complete list for you:


One of the biggest educational parks in the world is Dinópolis, which is situated in Teruel, Spain. The paleontology museum is one of its most prominent features. In addition to that, it also has various restaurants, shows, and attractions. The museum has a research lab in addition to its three main art galleries.

Dinopolis brings the fascinating world of dinosaurs to life by fusing science and entertainment. A 4.5 billion-year trip where you may hear the first heartbeat of Earth, learn how life came to be, and see some of the most incredible species ever created... the dinosaurs.

Europa Park:

Rust, southwest of Germany, is home to Europe's largest theme park, which now includes nine rollercoasters and plans to add a tenth. The peculiarity is the theme of 12 zones, each of which has been styled after a different European nation. For instance, England has a flying London bus ride, while Greece has a Poseidon water coaster.

The focus is to promote unity among the youth of the European nations. Adequate training opportunities include touring the Mir space station, a rosarium, a waterpower plant, and a full-scale replica of the Globe Theatre.

Euro Space Center:

Euro Space Center is a science center and educational popular destination, which is situated in Wallonia, Belgium. It is focused on astronautics and space science.

Children between the ages of 10 and 18 will experience astronaut training on a full-scale recreation of the US space shuttle. It includes whirling around in a multi-axis chair and entering a microgravity simulator. It's the greatest fun you can have without launching into orbit.


Over 35 million people have visited Futuroscope since the park opened near Poitiers in 1987, marveling at its unique glass and steel structures with enormous balls and pipes that resemble organs.

It includes the simulator rides and IMAX adventures, the educational component has mostly been lost between these, and children who do not know French may find it confusing.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park:

One of the most charming zoos in the world is Norway's Kristiansand Zoo which is also the most popular tourist destination. The animals have the freedom to roam as it is spread out across 150 acres in the southernmost part of Norway.

Getting up close to monkeys and other animals on wide roads and rainforest trails is something you also enjoy doing. Kristiansand collaborates with the WWF to rescue species that are in danger of going extinct.

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