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Diverse Offerings of Jinnah Super Market

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F-7 is the most happening commercial hub in the capital, with diverse offerings ranging from versatile clothing options to delectable cuisine choices. It is a treat for all those who wish to experience the best of Islamabad. A prime location, serving as the "one-stop shop" where there is something for everyone. Being around for so long, it continues to improve with each passing year, with new additions to its wide array of offerings.

Jinnah Super’s charm encompasses a wide array of offerings, including food, bargain shopping, gadgets, CDs, jewelry, and books, among others. Here's all you can find in the Jinnah Super Market.

Night view of Jinnah Super Market

Amazing Restaurants

Different food outlets offering various cultural delicacies are at one’s disposal as soon as they enter the premises of Jinnah Super. From street-food, fast-food to continental and beyond, including cafes and grills with pretty indoor seating are always bustling with foodies, while the food-street lets you indulge in an outside experience with desi refreshments such as gol gappas, chaats, bun kebabs, fresh lemon sodas, fries and much more.

Kabul Restaurant

Ranging from Kabul Restaurant, offering authentic Afghani food to Roasters Coffee House, Jessie’s Burgers, Cock ‘N’ Bull and others all in the same vicinity.

Safa Gold Mall

Safa Gold Mall is right next to the Jinnah Super Market and has a gold and blue theme with stunning architecture. It offers a relaxed atmosphere compared to the crowded Centaurus Mall. The mall features famous national and international brand outlets, an arcade for kids and teens, a swimming pool, a skating court, and more.

Safa Gold Mall

While smaller than the Centaurus Mall's food court, it still offers a wide variety of food options, including American, Desi, continental, fast food, Italian, and dessert restaurants. Some top eateries in the Safa Gold Mall including Namak Mandi, Daal Chawal and Rewayat for desi food. It also has some of the best Italian restaurants in Islamabad including, Couch Potato and Angelos La Cucina. From savoury to sweet, there’s a treat for everyone.

Razzle Dazzle in the Gol Market

Whether you’re looking for decent pieces of jewels to wear on a close relative’s wedding or simply something elegant to finish off with a neat look, Jinnah Super has the most beautifully crafted, ethereal pieces to complement your look. Especially at night, the heart and essence of Islamabad awakens as the tightly clustered shops illuminate with a vibrant neon glow.

Gol Market Jinnah Super

The food outlets of Gol Market, a hub of jewelers and snack bars nestled amidst the bustling market, add to the lively ambiance. This is the nostalgic soul of Islamabad that comes alive after dark. Promising and affordable shops such as Decent Jewelers claim that “Silver is the new gold” amidst high inflation. Making a statement with an extra-ordinary charm is easier by simply going on a shopping spree at Jinnah super.

The Gol Market is another economical hub within the commercial hub of Islamabad. It contains old book banks and depots, daily-wear clothes, stationary etc.

Flower shop Jinnah Super

Jinnah super, the primordial sludge from which life in Islamabad emerged, is the place where one can discover genuine individuals, encounters, and narratives—the overlooked core, the embodiment of the city's passion and spirit.

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