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Best Paapri Chaats in the Twin Cities

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Are your desi hunger pangs tingling? If not, here’s some information that will get your feet tapping with impatience as you crave for the sweet, tangy, spicy flavors enriched in South Asian delicacies.

Chaats are an absolute favorite when it comes to eager foodies looking for a burst of flavors with unique fusions of sauces, raitas, imli and various chutneys along with an assortment of fruits, pulses, corn, some veggies and much more. The best part is, you’ll come across a different version based on the maker’s personal preference which is why its never a dull experience.

Here are a few places in the Twin-Cities famous for their versions of Chaats.

The Refreshment Center, Commercial Market, Satellite Town

The ultimate hub of delectable refreshing treats to satisfy every palate. Their signature paapri Chaat is truly a game changer with a delightful combination of crispy paapris, tangy imli chutney, cooling yogurt and an assortment of aromatic spices. A feast for the eyes, stomach and heart altogether.

the refreshment center chaat

Hyderabadi Chatkhara, F-10

One safe haven for chatkhara lovers is this hotspot offering a Hyderabadi twist to the tangy treats. For those looking for something light yet filling, this is the place to go to. Their mains include Chaats, Gol Gappas, Roll Parathas and Hyderabadi style Thalis. With reasonable prices and the perfect quantity/quality ratio, they make your entire experience worthwhile.

hyderabadi chatkhara chaat

Chikachino, F-7 Markaz

A diverse range of savory snacks, being cooked and devoured round the clock, luring in hungry suitors for their amazing treats. With the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, their Chaats can satiate any and everyone. Served with their special imli and sweet alu-bukhara chutney which gets you hooked on the flavour and leaves you wanting more and day-dreaming about it for days!

chikachino chaat

Munchies Snack Bar

Whether you end up at their branch in Saddar or at F-6 Markaz, it will never be your last visit and you will definitely go back soon. It is one of the pioneers of desi snack bars in the Twin-Cities and continues to reign supreme over its expertise. To let you have the most indulgent chaat fiesta, a diverse range of soul-enriching drinks is available, encompassing classic lassis, chilled fruit juices and refreshing sodas.

munchies snack bar chaat

It is a very common and wise saying in desi culture that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and rightly so, as South Asians are built different when it comes to their food preferences and large palettes. So, if you’re a desi person searching for a place to indulge in delicious street food and tantalize your taste buds, take your pick from this short guide of ours.

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