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All Good News for the Community?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Amusement parks built around a particular theme have become increasingly popular in the last century. What started as an annual carnival with visiting circus and zoo animals, traveling around the country, has transformed into permanently housed, mammoth areas full of the newest rides, technologically advanced experiences and acres of green and built spaces.

If we study the influence that these amusement parks spawn, we will see many positive impacts. These modern theme parks can be easily referred to as powerhouses generating positive economic impact for the community at large.

By exploring the great Parks that have found their way to the Sunshine State of Florida, US in the last century, it can easily be said that amusement parks have a proven record of massive income generation, positive economic impact for local businesses as well as greater job opportunities for locals. Front runners like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Universal Studios which are all based in Florida, have given a well-earned nickname to Orlando as the Fun Capital of the World.

Number crunching will put many things in perspective, so the figure that the State of Florida received 131.42 million visitors in 2019 is definitely eye-opening. Of these, 11.5 million were from overseas, and collectively these tourists brought a total of $82 Billion in revenues. That translates to $4.9 billion in tax revenue, money that otherwise Floridians would have to dish out of their own pockets for expenditures like roads, schools, police, etc.

The community benefits directly through economic enhancement and greater job creation, as well as indirectly through a gradual increase in property values and rental prices. Short-term rental options like AirBnb which specifically caters to hosting amusement park guests also see astronomical success in rates.

Local restaurants, retail options and transport facilities enjoy greater footfall as park guests explore the towns and areas surrounding the theme parks.

Communities, however, may also face increased burden on limited resources, increased pressure on the ecology and environment as well as decreased quality of life if the management of amusement parks ignore their Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, as much as communities may gain to benefit by welcoming huge Amusement parks to their localities, an increased involvement of neighborhood stakeholders will ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for all.

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